After Dave came back from his 6 month placement at Christian Salvesen another demo followed at Cave Studios. This time with heavier songs "Leaving it all up to you" and "Visions of You".

False Idols had acquired another guitarist Chris Widger. Both Dave and Chris swapped leads and Chris's song "Soldier" featured in the set. Other songs around at this time were "Sunday Mornings", "Speed Kills", "Sister Jane". More gigs mainly at Poly sites followed

Gradually we lost Martin (drifted off) and gained the mighty Stephen Kershaw on bass. Dave now lived in Clifton (18 Cornwallis Crescent - "to ring bell touch wires together!") and Steve (who lived ten doors down) answered the ad. Steve came round one night when Dave and Neil were drawing some very strange pictures and despite his initial fear of being murdered agreed to join the band.

Rehearsing, writing, trying to infiltrate the local media (Andy "Battered Fosterchild" Batten Foster, Dave Pritchard, Al Read (cheers Al!) the band were now gigging outside the Poly at Bristol Bridge, Fleece etc. A local label "Unitone" had agreed to release a single so back to Cave Studios to record "Ten Seconds to Midnight" and "American Nightmare". With Unitone paying the bill!!!!............ or so we thought!

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