After 4 days worth of recording we got the call to say Unitone had gone bust. AAAAAAAArgh! Cave were brilliant about it and gave us lots of time (Andy and Bill you were very special guys! thank you). Paul Bird financed the single (what a star) and it finally came out on Caveman Records. There are certain high points in your life that you will always remember and holding a piece of vinyl with your name and music on it was just the biz.

Chris drifted off (to a princess!) and the band began to write more melodic songs. Back to Cave to record the next demo. A fantastic production job by Andy and Bill comprising four tracks "One More Time", "Look at the Lights", "No Compromise" and "Please Mr Please". Soon after we got our TV break. Fred Wedlock had just had a surprise hit with "The oldest swinger in town". Virgin (or whoever) freaked and told Fred to record a follow up quickly so Fred went to Cave. Fred was also hanging around HTV studios and bumped into the producer of a new show "Out West" who was looking for local bands. Fred got a list from Cave and suddenly we were booked to do a TV show!

Lights, Camera, Action, Make-up..... we were in seventh heaven ( or at least I was). HTV made us re-record the backing tracks ("reverb?..... on the drums?") and then we mimed while Neil sang live. We had to join the Musicians Union but we got well paid. Not even being told to get out of the Colston Hall ("What support band ?") could deflate us.  

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