Enter Martin. Martin, being deaf, benefitted from the extreme volume that the band played at, he literally felt his way through the music! The band was now in place and they settled down into rehearsals for the first gig supporting "The Fans" at Redland Poly Hall

Rich had began to lose interest in the band and missed rehearsals. Worried about the gig the band
persuaded Rich that it was best if he didn't play. Rich left soon after. The gig was a success and demonstrated the versatility of the band (Whiter Shade of Pale with Dave on Vox Continental organ!) and Neil's arty leanings (Neil had sellotaped A3 sheets on the back of the stage with odd vertical and horizontal lines. During the last number with the aid of an aerosal can he added lines to spell False Idols)

Other gigs followed (Unity Street, Stonehouse and er.....) and the band decided to do a demo. Enter Andy Allan and Bill Ferrier (my hero!) at Cave Studios. Over a weekend the band laid down "Lonely" and (I think) "American Nightmare". Nice one Cave.

Neil (being Neil) decided we have to contact London record companies and duly managed to get us in to see Dave Dee (DoubleDee Records) and Bronze. Dave Dee was brilliant (pink sofas, very rock'n roll) and listened to all the tape before saying no. The guy at Bronze listened to three seconds worth and told us to leave. A later song "Ten Seconds to Midnight" would allow Neil to show his exasperation at being treated this way.  

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