False Idols gradually accumulated at Bristol Polytechnic (now University of the West of England) from 1979.

Fresher Dave Percival moved into St John Read hostel in Redland together with his Fender Strat and Marshall amplification. A few doors down was Alex Tidmarsh who began to wonder where all these riffs were coming from. Alex knew a guy called Rich Sonnex who played guitar and sang. One of Rich's mates knew a drummer called Paul Bird. So one Saturday they all trouped up to Colditz to try a rehearsal. A chaotic but good day was had by all, taped of course by the mighty Alex. Songs rehearsed included "Run Run Rudolph", "Brown Sugar", various riffs.

Alex, Dave and Rich began to write and record songs in Alex's room. These were mainly acoustic numbers such as "Solitary Evening".

Dave and Alex and Paul also started recording rockier stuff starting with "Apache" which was recorded in St John Read stairwell for the reverb. Backing tracks were also laid down for "Lonely", "Visions of You" and others. Somehow a tape of these found it's way to Neil Templar who added melody and lyrics. Now we nearly had a band, only a bass player needed